Latest: Magnetic Stimulation Treatment Improves Depression And Tinnitus

It Induces Energy In Specific Nodes In The Brain

This week we have interesting info: 

New Gene Therapy For Hearing And Balance Disorders

It Will Help People With Hereditary Hearing Loss

Causes Of Hyperacusis, When Normal Sounds Are Perceived As Too Loud

The Brain Might Over-Compensate Hearing Loss Or There Can Be Previous Problems Like Tinnitus

Magnetic Stimulation Treatment Improves Depression And Tinnitus

It Induces Energy In Specific Nodes In The Brain

iPhone-Compatible Cochlear Implant Restores Hearing

It Is Controlled By A Smartphone App And Allows Hearing Music Or Conversations

Study Shows That Listening Through Earbuds Is Not The Greatest Threat For Hearing Loss

Teens With More Than Three Ear Infections Had More Risk

Hearing Loss Can Be Caused By Sleep Apnea, Smoking, And Iron Deficiency

Snoring May Decrease The Ability To Understand Group Conversations

Study: Patients With Mild To Moderate Hearing Loss May Not Need Costly Hearing Aids

They May Use Less Costly Personal Amplification Devices, Which Are Controversial

Ear Piercings And Tattoos Might Result In An Infection

Extra Care Must Be Taken When The Piercing Goes Through The Cartilage

Unusual Causes And Facts About Tinnitus

Some Causes May Be Medication, TMJ Disorders, And Head And Neck Injury

Out-Of-Body Experiences May Be Caused By A Condition In The Inner Ear

The Balance Organs Send Mixed Signals To The Brain

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