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  • Pulsatile Tinnitus
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  • Vestibular And Cochlear Hyperacusis
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  • TRT: Tinnitus Retraining Therapy
  • Tinnitus Is Related To Stress And Anxiety
  • Foods to Avoid for Tinnitus List
  • Myth: Tinnitus Is Usually Related To A Severe Disease
  • What Contributes To Tinnitus? Writing Your Own List
  • Suffering Of Tinnitus? You Are Not Alone

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  • Earwax In The Ear Canal Should Not Be Cleaned With A Cotton Swab

    It Self-Regulates, Flowing To The Outside Of The Ear, Where It Can Be Cleaned

    Cleaning the ears with a cotton tip is not a good idea. The tip might contact the eardrum or might push the wax inside. The solution to cleaning earwax inside the ear canal is simple: it must not be cleaned. The reason is that earwax self-regulates, flowing to the exterior of the ear canal, where it can be safely cleaned. Earwax has also lubricating, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Ear hygiene is different from oral hygiene. A person has to remember to clean his teeth every day, but earwax cleaning is automatic. As we mentioned, if a cotton tip is used to clean the ear canal, the earwax might become impacted causing a partial block on the canal and resulting in hearing loss and tinnitus. However, a cotton swab or soft cloth can be used for cleaning the earwax on the outer part of the ear. Click here for more info.

  • Study: Potassium In Bananas Can Help Prevent Hearing Loss

    Also, Zinc And Magnesium Are Fundamental For Preserving The Hearing Function

    According to specialists, bananas can help prevent hearing loss. This is due to the potassium, which helps in the correct functioning of the inner ear, and the transmission of signals to the brain. There are other vitamins and minerals important for preventing hearing loss. Researchers have found that eh inner ear has the highest concentration of zinc in all the body, and its deficiency can result in tinnitus. Magnesium protects the ears against noise-induced hearing loss, which results from operating machinery without protection or listening to loud music. Click here for more info.

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