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Hearing Loss Is The Most Common Cause Of Tinnitus

Other Causes Include Loud Noises, Excessive Earwax, Inner Ear Bone Issues, And Meniere’s Disease

Musical Ear Syndrome Causes People To Hear Music That Is Not Playing

It Is An Auditory Hallucination Caused By Hearing Loss

Smartphones Include Features For People With Hearing Loss

They Can Identify Sounds Like Alarms, Baby Crying, Doorbell, And Also Have A Video Conference With People Using Sign Language

New Tinnitus Treatment Excites The Brain Through An Electrode In The Tongue

It Also Uses Bimodal Sounds, Showing An Improvement In 80% Of The Patients

Hearing Loss Is One Of The Main Causes Of Age-Related Dementia

They Can Be Prevented With Hearing Aids, Which Avoids The Stress Of Social Interactions Due To The Difficulty Of Understanding Conversations