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Researchers Are Working On A New Cochlear Implant Capable Of Detecting Pitch

Current Implants Are Unable To Separate The Voice Of A Man From A Woman, Detect The Mood Of The Talker, And Have Problems Listening To Music

Hearing Loss Is Linked To Other Conditions, Such As Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Alzheimer’s And Depression

Patients Suffering From Hearing Loss Can Be Screened To Detect These Conditions At An Early Stage

A Proper Diagnosis Can Prevent Or Delay Hearing Loss

If Undiagnosed In Children, It Can Lead To A Limited Vocabulary And Learning Problems, While In Adults, It Can Result In Social Isolation, Depression And Alzheimer’s

Hearing Loss Increases The Risk Of Cognitive Decrease, And This Risk Is Higher In Older Adults

Cognitive Problems Can Be Reversed With Hearing Aids, But Three-Fourths Of The People Who Require Hearing Aids Do Not Have Them, And One-Fourth Of The People Who Have Them Do Not Use Them

People Are Getting More Conscious With Protecting Hearing Protection In Music Concerts Or Using Loud Power Tools

This Is Because Hearing Loss At An Older Age Is A Consequence Of The Accumulated Exposure Of Loud Sounds Heard At A Young Age