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A Hearing Test Is Required To Diagnose Hearing Loss And To Prescribe For A Hearing Aid

However, Almost Half Of The People With Hearing Loss Have Never Had One

The Body Has A Natural Mechanism To Protect The Inner Ear From Loud Noises And Enhance The Detection Of High Frequencies

It Is A Muscle In The Middle Ear That Also Protects From The Body’S Internal Sounds, Such As Yawning, Sneezing And Coughing

Hearing Loss In Newborns Has More Benefits If Treated At An Early Age Compared To Those Treated At An Older Age

Children Have Better Language Abilities, Speech Recognition, And Speech Production Due To The Better Development Of Neural Connections

Public Spaces Like Malls And Restaurants Do Not Have Regulations For Controlling Noise Levels

If A Customer Cannot Have A Conversation At Normal Voice Level And Is Forced To Shout, It Is Better To Walk Away To Avoid Affecting Hearing

Hearing Loss Can Also Occur In Dogs, Especially Working Dogs, Such As Sniffers, Police Dogs, And Hunting Dogs

If The Condition Is Permanent, The Owners Must Find Other Ways Of Communication, Such As Hand Signals, Eye Contact, Or Facial Expressions