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  • Hearing Loss Can Be Caused By Sleep Apnea, Smoking, And Iron Deficiency

    Snoring May Decrease The Ability To Understand Group Conversations

    Hearing loss is usually associated with age and with exposure to loud noise during a prolonged time. However, there are unusual causes, such as smoking, due to reduced blood circulation in the ear’s structures, and iron deficiency, which can impair the inner ear. Another cause is sleep apnea, which, according to specialists, increases the risk of hearing loss, making it difficult to hear in noisy places or group conversations. Other causes are the sound of the hairdryer, and painkillers, among others. More info click here.


  • Risks Of Hearing Loss In Youngsters    

    Study: young people are causing permanent damage to their hearing and are not aware of it. One of the symptoms is difficulty in understanding speech in noisy environments. The reason is constant exposure to loud music and sounds. More Information click here.


  • These Headphones Provide A Hearing Test And Adapt Themselves To The User’s Hearing Level    

    Besides Delivering A Superior Music Quality, Can Detect Gradual Hearing Loss    

    Headphones and earbuds users are being conscious that listening to loud music will cause permanent ear damage, and are looking for safe options. On the other hand, many headphone makers consider that louder is better. These high-fidelity headphones that could be an alternative. They provide first a listening test to check the hearing condition of the user and afterward adapts the music to that hearing condition. It even determines if one ear is more sensitive than the other. The interesting aspect is that they can be used to retest the hearing level of the user so that they can detect any gradual hearing loss, adapt themselves to the new level, and warn the user about it, in order to visit the audiologist. Click here for more info.


  • Hearing Loss Increases The Risk Of Injuries    

    This Occurs Because of The Sense Of Hearing Acts As A Warning System For A Potential Danger    

    Hearing loss sufferers have a greater risk of injuries. According to specialists, they are 90% more likely to suffer an injury, compared to people with normal hearing. This occurs because the sense of hearing acts as a warning system for any potential danger, such as a vehicle approaching when crossing the streets, or not hearing a smoke alarm. Previous studies had already shown that hearing loss increased the possibility of injury, but this also included the activity related to the damage, which includes driving, at work, or at leisure activities, such as sport. If hearing loss also affects the inner ear, there can be a malfunction of the balance organs, increasing the risk of falling. Click here for more information.


  • Sudden Hearing Loss May Be Caused By Poor Blood Irrigation In The Hearing Organs

    If Not Treated Immediately, It Can Become Permanent

    Hearing loss usually happens gradually as one age. However, there are cases in which it occurs suddenly. If not treated immediately, or misdiagnosed, hearing loss may become permanent. According to specialists, the first step is getting an audiogram. In some cases, blood is not flowing correctly to the ear. More Information click here.


  • New Treatment For Treating Tinnitus While Sleeping    

    This new treatment or tinnitus delivers a personalized sound while the patient sleeps. It trains the mind to ignore the tinnitus sound so the patient notices it less. It is based on the fact that during sleep the brain is more responsive and capable of being influenced by sound therapies. More Information click here.


  • Risks Of Using Q-Tips To Clean Earwax    

    Man people clean earwax by using Q-Tips. This is a very bad idea. According to specialists, many eardrum injuries are caused by inserting Q-Tips or other objects in the ear to clean earwax. Perhaps one can be careful, but another person can move your arm or bump into you by accident. Also, inserting a small object in the ear canal can push even deeper the earwax, causing hearing loss. So, which is the correct way to clean earwax? More details click here.


  • What Is Hidden Hearing Loss?

    Exposure To Loud Noises Can Affect The Ability To Recognize Words Over A Noisy Background

    Exposure to loud sounds can affect the circuits between the sensory hair cells in the inner ear and the areas which deliver information to the brain. This type of damage is difficult to detect via conventional tests and is called hidden hearing loss. Researchers measured hearing and speech abilities before and after attending a venue with loud music, such as clubs or music festivals. They found that hearing loss was temporary. However, when conducting speech recognition tests with background noise, participants were less able to recognize the speech. More Information click here.


  • Frequent Use Of Magnetic Resonance Scanners (MRI) Increases The Risk Of Hearing Loss    

    More Powerful Models Have More Magnetism, But Also Generate Higher Noise    

    Magnetic resonance imaging has given physicians the possibility of visualizing the brain, spinal cord, and other body parts, allowing an early diagnosis of serious conditions. However, it has a downside for the patient, and it is the noise of the modern scanners can reach a peak sound of 125.7 to 130.7 dB, with an average between 110 to 115 dB. This sound level can result in tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss. MRI scanners with a higher level of magnetism have a higher noise level. Also, the scanners generate low-frequency sounds, less than 1 kHz, which have less risk of hearing impairment than higher frequency sounds, higher than 4 kHz. In these cases, the suggestion is to wear earplugs to attenuate the sound. More Information click here.


  • Suffering From Vertigo? Check This New Technique    

    It Involves Head Movements Depending On Which Ear Is Affected    

    Vertigo is a sensation that everything is turning around and affects the balance organs. It can be originated in the brain or spinal cord, or it can be related only to the inner ear. The causes can me Meniere’s disease, which is fluid buildup inside the inner ear, head injuries, and stroke among others. In some cases, one must stand still until the sensation passes. However, there is a technique that has become viral that can help with it. It involves certain head movements depending on which ear is affected. Check the details. Additional info click here.


  • New Tinnitus Treatment Based On Music Therapy    

    There is a new treatment for tinnitus based on music therapy, which retrains the brain to accept a “new normal” that includes the humming sound. It uses tone sequencing to adjust to the internal sound and lessen the sensitivity to the frequency. More info click here.


  • New Treatment Based On Colored Light Reduces The Symptoms Of Migraine And Tinnitus    

    A new treatment based on colored lenses helps treat migraines and is also being used on patients with tinnitus. It consists of tiny lamps of a different color, and the patient can control the intensity of them. The initial study was made for patients with a migraine, which reduced the intensity of the pain. A number of them had also tinnitus, and also observed a reduction in the symptoms. The different colors distract the sensory area of the brain, reducing the tinnitus symptoms. Click here for more information.


  • What Are The Types Of Hearing Loss?    

    People must be aware if one family member begins showing signs of hearing loss. In order to understand more this condition, let’s review the types of hearing conditions. The conductive type is related to the outer ear, ear canal or middle ear. An example is earwax blockage, a perforated eardrum, among others. These can be corrected surgically. The sensorineural type is related to the inner ear or auditory nerve. These can include balance problems and tend to be permanent. Check all the types. More Information click here.


  • Hearing Loss Can Be Caused By Certain Drugs    

    Hearing loss is not only caused by loud noises. Certain medications can also affect hearing, in the form of hearing loss or tinnitus. Among them are high-dose aspirin, quinine, certain antibiotics and also a cancer treatment drug. More details click here.


  • Children’s Headphones May Not Be Restricting High Volume Sounds    

    Children are wearing earphones at a very young age, and the manufacturers assure they are safe and won’t result in ear loss. However, a study has shown that 50% of the tested sets did not restrict the volume. Also, when used in Bluetooth mode the headphones made a better job restricting high volume, than in cable mode. Additional details click here.


  • Hearing Loss Increases The Disposition To Personal Injuries    

    Poor Hearing Prevents Receiving Warnings About An Imminent Danger    

    In elder age, hearing loss is accepted as normal, the same as eyesight decline, or loss of muscle mass. Most people believe that they might just require to increase the TV’s volume level and perhaps lose some conversations, but there is a greater risk. Hearing also warns of any imminent danger, therefore, hearing loss increases the possibility of injuries. This worsens in leisure activities, because individuals do not consider the potential risk of these activities, and are not aware of the severity of their hearing loss. More Information click here.


  • How Can People With Hearing Loss Be Ready For An Emergency    

    Use Smoke Detectors And Alert Devices With Visual Warnings, And Inform First Responders Of Disability    

    Emergency alerts are usually loud sounds, such as an alarm or a smoke detector. This is a disadvantage for people with hearing loss. There are ways for them to prepare themselves and let know other people that they have this disability. The first thing is to put an emergency kit with extra batteries for hearing aids or chargers, a pen and paper to communicate with others, and emergency index cards to inform others that the person has hearing loss, along with emergency contacts and relevant information, such as other health conditions, medications, and allergies. Also, it is important to use alert devices, such as smoke detectors, with visual warnings, such as strobe lights or mattress vibrators, and also inform the neighbors of hearing loss. In case of an emergency, first responders must be informed clearly of the disability and asked to talk slowly while watching the person with hearing loss. More Information click here.


  • Low Blood Pressure May Cause Fainting, Lightheadedness, And Dizziness    

    It Lowers The Oxygen Supply To The Brain    

    Low blood pressure is not as dangerous as high blood pressure, but it must be treated. This occurs when the blood pressure is lower than normal, 90/60 mmHg or less. Among the symptoms are lightheadedness and dizziness, especially when standing up, which is also called postural hypotension, and also fainting, because low pressure might lead to a deficient supply of oxygen to the brain. Other symptoms are feeling sick, having a blurred vision, and confusion. Additional information click here.


  • Some Types Of Hearing Loss Can Be Corrected By Surgery    

    Cochlear Implants Are Used For Damage To The Inner Ear, While Injury In The Conducting Bones Can Be Treated With Prosthetic Devices    

    In some cases, hearing loss can be corrected by surgery. The most common type of hearing loss, called sensorineural hearing loss is caused by sudden or frequent loud noise, old age, and medications, among others. It damages the hair cells that transform the sound vibrations into electrical impulses, and it is permanent. This means that no surgery can correct the damage to the hair cells. Therefore, the surgery bypasses them and connect a cochlear implant directly to the auditory nerve. According to specialists, since this surgery is highly invasive, it must be done when hearing aids are no longer an option. There are also implantable hearing aids for patients with moderate sensorineural hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss can be also treated by surgery. This happens when the sound cannot be conducted to the inner ear due to an obstruction in the outer or middle ear. This can be corrected by inserting tubes that equalize the pressure in the middle ear. There are also cases in which the conductive bones suffer an abnormal hardening and must be replaced by a prosthetic device. Check all the types of hearing loss that can be treated by surgery. More info click here.


  • How To Correctly Discuss With Your Older Family Members The Need For A Hearing Aid    

    For some families, holidays are also a gathering. If this happens once a year, some changes will be noted among the elder members of the family. One of these can be the difficulty to hear, and perhaps the need for a hearing aid. However, there are other cases in which older adults are reluctant to discuss it. How to approach this issue? Additional info click here.


  • Early Hearing Loss Can Be Detected By This Innovative Test    

    Hearing loss is progressive. This means that it is difficult to detect at an early stage, or that the patient has not perceived any change in the hearing capacity. However, there is now a test that will detect hearing loss when there is normal hearing, or slightly less than normal. It is based on how the brain processes sound with both ears and listen in noisy environments. Additional details click here.


  • Studies Show That People Can “Hear” Silent Videos    

    It Is Called Synesthesia And It Could Be Related To Tinnitus    

    Synesthesia is a sensory cross-over that allows people to visualize noises or see smells. It was thought to be uncommon. However, an experiment that included soundless moving images showed that it is fairly common. These moving images were able to obtain an auditory response from the brain, thus “hearing” a silent movie. There are animated GIFs that show this effect. Even though it is not clear how this works, it seems to be related to how the brains are wired. The study also asked the volunteers if they had sensory disorders, such as tinnitus, which had a correlation with those who “listened” to the silent videos. More Information click here.


  • One-Sided Hearing Loss Affects Understanding Conversations In Noisy Environments

    The Brain Uses Both Sides Of The Brain To Process Speech

    Most of us are familiar with hearing loss as a condition that affects both ears. However, there is also one-sided hearing loss. In can be caused by excessively high sound, head injury and blood interruption to the inner ear, among others. Also, hearing with only one ear makes difficult understanding speech, because the brain does a better job separating background noise from speech when using both sides of the brain. Fortunately, there is a technology that can help. More info click here.


  • Sign Language Real-Time Translation Will Be Possible With Special Gloves

    This Will Allow People To Communicate Easier With Patients With Hearing Loss

    A new device promises to ease communication with people with hearing loss. Actually, these communicate via sign language. This is known to deaf people, caregivers, and health specialists. Unfortunately, those outside these community are unable to communicate with people with hearing loss. Researchers are working on gloves that translate sign language to plain text, which have sensors on the knuckles, in order to identify which fingers are being bent. Additional info click here.


  • Study: Potassium In Bananas Can Help Prevent Hearing Loss    

    Also, Zinc And Magnesium Are Fundamental For Preserving The Hearing Function    

    According to specialists, bananas can help prevent hearing loss. This is due to the potassium, which helps in the correct functioning of the inner ear, and the transmission of signals to the brain. There are other vitamins and minerals important for preventing hearing loss. Researchers have found that eh inner ear has the highest concentration of zinc in all the body, and its deficiency can result in tinnitus. Magnesium protects the ears against noise-induced hearing loss, which results from operating machinery without protection or listening to loud music. Click here for more info.


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