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COVID-19 Survivors Are Suffering From A Series Of Symptoms Several Months Later These Include Gastrointestinal Issues, Metallic Taste, Headaches, Heart Palpitations, Nerve Pain, Hearing Problems, And Muscle Weakness Many people ...

In-Ear Earphones Can Push Earwax Inside The Ear Canal, Impacting It It Can Result In Discomfort, Ear Blockage, Hearing Loss, And Infection In-ear earphones are one of the causes of ...

Headache Cases Grow With The Increase Of Portable Screen Usage, And Of Desk-Based Jobs The Cause May Be A Poor Posture While Watching The Screen And Excessive Sedentarism When Using ...

People With Hearing Loss Are Having Serious Communication Issues During The Pandemic Face Masks Prevent Reading Lips While Hearing Aids Are Only Effective At Short Distances The current pandemic is ...

Audiology Has Evolved With Modern Hearing Aids, Which Have Multiple Features They Can Be Adjusted With Bluetooth Apps In Smartphones, Listen In Noisy Environments, Receive Phone Calls, And Listen To ...



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  • Tinnitus Is Related To Stress And Anxiety
  • Foods to Avoid for Tinnitus List
  • Myth: Tinnitus Is Usually Related To A Severe Disease
  • What Contributes To Tinnitus? Writing Your Own List
  • Suffering Of Tinnitus? You Are Not Alone

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Frequent Headaches Are A Common Symptom Of High Blood Pressure

Other Symptoms Are Regular Nosebleeds And Dizziness


New 20-Minute DNA Test Can Save Newborns From Deafness

It Will Tell If Newborns Can Safely Use An Antibiotic For Neonates


There Can Be Evidence Of An Association Of Hearing Loss And Mental Decline

The Risk Of Mental Impairment Increases With The Severity Of Hearing Loss


New Campaign Oriented To Protection From Hearing Loss And Tinnitus

They Wish To Offer Colorful Earplugs In Vending Machines In Night Clubs


Understanding Earwax Buildup And How To Prevent It

Cotton Swabs Must Not Be Used To Remove It


Study: 1 Billion People At Risk Of Hearing Loss Or Tinnitus

The Cause Is Listening At A High Volume On Their Portable Devices


New Technique Allows Children With Cochlear Implants To Understand Words In Noisy Environments

They Can Also Understand Words And Conversations At An Earlier Age


Researchers Cured Genetic Deafness In Mice

They Used Gene Therapy To Treat Mice Born Deaf


Enlarged Adenoids Can Cause Snoring And Also Breathing And Sleeping Problems

They Can Also Sinus And Ear Infections


Melatonin Can Have Harmful Side Effects

Among Them Are Dizziness, Headaches, Nausea, And Irritability



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