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  • Swimmers Ear Can Be Prevented By Draining The Water Trapped In The Ear Canal    

    It Is An Infection That Can Be Avoided By Removing The Excess Earwax    

    Swimmer’s ear occurs when water remains in the ear canal after swimming. This is caused by an earwax buildup, which prevents the water from flowing out. The water inside the ear promotes a moist environment which allows the growth of bacteria, resulting in an infection. This condition is called otitis externa, and its symptoms are painful and itchy. Trying to remove the earwax with a cotton tip is not recommended because it can move the earwax inside the canal, and increase the risk of injury in the delicate skin tissue of the ear canal, which has already been affected by the infection. This condition can be prevented by tilting the head sideways to force the water to drain out. Also, even that there are eardrops that will help the earwax to flow out, it is better to visit a specialist to remove the excess earwax. More Information click here.


  • A Child Might Be Suffering From Auditory Processing Disorder If He Has Trouble Understanding    

    The Brain Cannot Process Correctly The Sounds That Come From The Ear    

    There are cases in which children require many explanations, cannot filter background noise, or cannot understand directions. They might suffer from a condition called auditory processing disorder (APD). In this condition, the ears transmit the sound to the brain, where it is interpreted. In APD, the brain is unable to interpret correctly the sounds. As a result, children get frustrated at school, feel inferior, and have anxiety due to the learning process. The causes can be an infection or middle ear fluid in early years. This condition is treatable. Also, it has been found that the child’s auditory skills can be strengthened if he learns to play a musical instrument. Additional details click here.


  • Mindfulness Has Better Results Than Traditional Relaxation Technique For Treating Tinnitus    

    The Traditional Technique Teaches The Patient To Fight Tinnitus, While Mindfulness Teaches To Accept The Condition    

    Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) has proven more effective in reducing stress, insomnia and hearing issues such as tinnitus, than traditional techniques based on relaxation. Tinnitus can result in emotional stress, insomnia, concentration problems, and hearing issues. A study compared both techniques and found that both treatments led to a decrease in psychological distress, tinnitus severity, anxiety and depression for patients. However, according to researchers, MBCT treatment led to significantly greater reductions in tinnitus severity, and this improvement lasted for longer. The main difference is that the traditional technique based on relaxation is oriented to fight tinnitus or to push it away, while MBCT teaches the patient to accept tinnitus, stopping the battle with the condition. Additional details click here.


  • Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Affects Certain Frequencies, Preventing The Understanding Of Words    

    It Can Be Avoided Wearing Earplugs That Lower The Volume    

    Noise-related hearing loss is caused when the small hair cells inside the inner ear are affected and unable to covert the sounds into electrical signals to be recognized by the brain. These hair cells are tuned for certain frequencies. Therefore, this condition prevents hearing the frequencies matching to the damaged cells. Usually, the higher frequencies are affected, which also correspond to the consonants, making the process of understanding a conversation more difficult, hearing the speech without being able to determine the words. Also, excess noise can vary the threshold in a person’s hearing which is the lowest decibel level at which a person can hear a specific frequency. These can be temporary or permanent, as in the case when there is gunfire or an explosion, where there is a temporary hearing loss. Another consequence may be the appearance of tinnitus, which is a ringing in the ears or other sounds, such as hissing or clicking, which are not in the environment. One way to prevent it is by wearing hearing protection, which consists of earplug that will lower the volume. More Information click here.


  • Spinning Classes Are Good For The Health, But Loud Noise Is Very Bad For Hearing    

    Also, High Body Temperature Increases The Risk Of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss    

    Spinning classes are one of the most demanding exercises in a gym. The trainers use music to set up the cycling cadence. The problem is that most of the time the music is too loud. The normal exposure to prevent hearing loss id 85 dB, while the average noise level in spin classes is 113 dB. Formerly, noise levels in aerobic and fitness classes were considered not harmful. Now there are smartphone apps that can inform the noise level, and warn when the person must use earplugs. Also, in gyms, the body temperature rises due to the exercise. Studies have suggested that the higher body temperature increases the exposure for noise-induced hearing loss. More info click here.


  • These Foods And Substances Will Prevent Or Delay Age-Related Hearing Loss    

    They Nourish The Tiny Blood Vessels In The Ear And Strengthen The Small Bones Inside The Ear    

    Certain foods will help prevent or slow down the age-related hearing loss. Among them are potassium and folate, which slows down the age-related hearing loss. Potassium is contained on apricots, bananas, and melons, while folate is included in asparagus, avocado, and beans. Lack of other foods will cause hearing loss, such as vitamin B12, which is contained in organic products. Vitamins al also important. Vitamins C and E have antioxidant properties, while vitamin E also nourishes blood vessels around the ears. Vitamin C helps avoid ear infections due to its immunologic properties, and vitamin D has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in bone formation, strengthening the small bones in the ear. Check all the substances that can prevent or delay hearing loss. Additional information click here.


  • There Are Several Misunderstandings Related To Hearing Loss    

    Among Them Are Age-Related Hearing Loss And Excessive Expectation Of Hearing Aids    

    There are certain misunderstandings about hearing loss. One of them is that this condition only affects older people. However, there are children born with hearing loss, and it is a risk among young adults who listen to loud music with earbuds, and the users of certain medications. Another myth is that hearing loss in only one ear is not a problem. However, it makes more difficult locating sounds and understanding conversation in noisy places. There are also excessive expectations of the benefits of hearing aids. They do not provide the same hearing quality that normal hearing has, but technology has made them more reliable, include directional microphones, and can even be controlled from a smartphone via Bluetooth. Check all the myths and misunderstandings related to hearing loss. More Information click here.


  • New Phones For People With Hearing Loss Can Show A Caption On The Screen    

    They Allow Following The Conversation In Real Time    

    People with mild hearing loss or with medium hearing loss who resist wearing hearing aids will have trouble using a phone. One solution is to increase the volume of the phone, but it does not always enough. There is now a phone that can caption the conversation, with speech-to-text software. This allows the person with hearing loss to follow the conversation on the screen, in real time. It is also helpful for people with mid-range hearing loss, in which they have difficulty hearing mid-range frequencies, between 500 and 300 Hz, which are the ones that come out of the phone’s speaker. Additionally, the phone has higher volume levels, to help understand the conversation. Click here for more information.


  • White Noise Can Help Ease The Symptoms Of Tinnitus    

    It Can Distract Sufferers From Listening To Tinnitus Sounds    

    White noise can calm the brain when it is busy thinking of all the pending issues and generating stress. Mentally thinking about the to-do lists and the pending matters is known as the internal monologue. If it gets out of control, it can be a source of stress, affecting other conditions related to stress and anxiety, such as tinnitus. Anxiety and depression can be controlled via mindful meditation but can be had to learn. On the other hand, there is an alternate technique, that is based on white noise. White noise is a sound that contains every frequency within the range of human hearing in equal quantities. Therefore, it is hard to focus on white noise, and it is not distracting. The classic example is TV or radio static. It can also mask annoying background sounds and even distract sufferers from the symptoms of tinnitus. It also helps when running, because, the brain goes to the default mode when it is at rest, starting the internal monologue. Check all the benefits of white noise. Additional information click here.


  • Exposure To Certain Sounds Can Affect The Human Body    

    Effects Are Tinnitus, Fatigue, Heart Palpitations, And Headaches    

    The possibility of a health condition being caused by sound has been reviewed in the case of US diplomats in Cuba and China. High volume can cause stress, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and even hypertension. However, there are sounds that can be outside the human audible range, which is from 20 to 20,000 Hz. Sounds over 20,000 Hz. Are called ultrasound and can be heard by dogs and bats. They are used also by doctors for ultrasound imaging. However, the emitting device must be pressed against the subject and is not effective at a certain range. Infrasound is below 20Hz. and has different effects. It is caused by things like earthquakes, lightning, ocean waves, and even some animals like elephants, whales, rhinos, hippos, among others, which use it to communicate with each other. Some effects on humans are headaches, dizziness, annoyance, fatigue, tinnitus, and heart palpitations. There can be also exposure to infrasound at a high volume, such when being in a ship’s engine room, or near a wind turbine. Additional information click here.


  • The Evolution Of Hearing Aids    

    Advances In Microelectronics And Batteries Have Made Them Virtually Invisible    

    Hearing aids have been around in many forms, some very different from the modern devices actually available. The first ones were ear trumpets and conversation tubes, which resembled a trumpet connected to the ear canal, and did not amplify sound, they just collected it from the surroundings and directed into the ear canal. Afterward came the first electrical hearing aids based on a carbon microphone, which required bulky batteries and microphone. The same occurred with amplification devices based on vacuum tubes. With the transistors, the devices were much smaller. The next generation consisted of ear-level hearing aids, which were located behind the ears, with tubing connected to the ear canal. These allowed a more natural sound and could be used in both ears. Afterward, there were devices that resided in the ear canals, but were bulky and protruded from the ear. Actual models are so small they are virtually invisible, and can even be controlled via a smartphone application. More Information click here.


  • New Over-The-Counter Screening Test For Hearing Loss    

    It Will Allow Users To Self-Administer A Hearing Test    

    There are health tests that be purchased over the counter and can be performed by the own user. One of them has become available recently, which consists of a hearing test, with an affordable pricing. The idea is not replacing the audiologist, but obtain first-hand information about the hearing, and, if it is not optimal, the user might decide to visit the audiologist. It allows the user to self-administer his own hearing screening, and also program his hearing aid if he owns one. Most people wait until 70 to go to the audiologist, when the hearing loss is noticeable, and are not aware that hearing loss is gradual and increases with age. It also helps people who might have hesitated about requiring a hearing aid, given the price or the doubt about what device suits their needs. The screening tests both ears and takes 6 minutes. More details click here.


  • Scientists Have Found A Procedure That Can Reverse Inherited Hearing Loss    

    It Consists Of Activating A Gene Associated With Certain Hair Cells In The Inner Ear    

    Hearing loss and hereditary deafness are considered permanent. However, a series of scientific discoveries might disagree with this fact. Researchers have found a genetic brain switch that could reverse hereditary deafness. Certain hair cells, which convert sound into electrical signals, are associated with a particular gene. Scientists were able to reverse hereditary hearing loss at lower frequencies using small-molecule-based drugs. This breakthrough could also help other inherited forms of progressive hearing loss. Click here for more information.


  • A Huge Percentage Of The Aging Population Will Have Hearing Problems    

    However, Hearing Aid Technology Is Also Becoming More Affordable    

    According to specialists, the number of aging adults with hearing loss that is expected to increase dramatically. One-third of the people of 65 to 74 years have hearing loss, and this condition also occurs in nearly half of people older than 75. However, there are advances in the technology of hearing aids. These devices might be similar to prosthetics – they wonk feel right at first because the sounds will be different. The mind must get accustomed to the new sounds. Also, hearing aids not only allow people to hear the world around them but also communicate with each other. Another advantage is that hearing aids are becoming less expensive. Additional details click here.


  • A Sore Throat Can Also Affect The Ears Causing Headache And Even Hearing Loss    

    Among The Causes Are A Bacterial Infection, Tonsillitis, Sinusitis, And Even Tooth Infection    

    A sore throat can also cause ear pain because the nerves in the back of the throat are located near the nerves from the ear, the throat pain often radiates to one or both ears. Also, the ears communicate with the throat via the Eustachian tube, which can transmit bacteria or swell, increasing the pressure of the ear. the infection can originate in the ear, in the form of otitis media, or even in the ear canal, which can become moist, promoting the growth of bacteria. Symptoms are a sore throat, headache, earache, and hearing loss. Other conditions to throat inflammation are related to the tonsils and bacterial infections. The sinuses an also affect the throat and ears, due to sinusitis and allergies. Additional causes are related to oral health in the form of a tooth abscess, which is a pocket of pus grows at the root’s tip of the tooth, causing a severe pain that radiates to the jawbone and ear. Check all the causes of a sore throat and how it can affect the ears. More Information click here.


  • Cochlear Implants Could Be Using Light Instead Of Electrodes    

    It Would Increase The Frequencies They Manage, Allowing The Users To Hear Music    

    Researchers are working on a cochlear implant that will overcome the limitations of the actual ones. These devices allow hearing to people who suffered or were born with the permanent hearing loss. However, they are optimized for listening voice and do not allow recognizing clear conversations in noisy environments or listening to music. The reason is that the auditory nerves are connected to the hair cells, and each allows hearing at a certain frequency. When the hair cells are damaged, the implant uses electrodes to connect to these auditory nerves. However, there are space limitations in a tiny space such as the inner ear. Also, the electrodes cannot be located too close to each other, because the electrical signals will interfere. Therefore, cochlear implants have a maximum of 22 channels to perceive sound frequencies. However, researchers are working in stimulating auditory nerves with light, instead of with electricity, using genes that have light-sensitive proteins, which would increase significantly the number of frequencies that can be handled by a cochlear implant. More Information click here.


  • Accelerated Hearing Loss Can Be A Symptom Of Cardiovascular Disease In Seniors    

    It Affects Word Recognition At A Rate Comparable To 3 Years Of Normal Hearing Decline    

    Cardiovascular disease is related to accelerated hearing loss in seniors. According to specialists, treating cardiovascular disease can lower down the progression of hearing loss. Also, hearing loss can be a symptom of underlying heart disease. Hearing loss is also related to a lower quality of life. Studies have shown that age-related hearing loss is 1.18 decibels per year, but in the case of patients with coronary artery disease, it is 1.90 decibels per year. This can be caused by circulatory problems in the tiny blood vessels in the cochlea, restricting the nutritive supply to the inner ear, and disrupting the electrolyte balance in the fluid inside the cochlea. Coronary artery disease was also associated with loosening word recognition comparable to 3 years of normal age-related hearing decline. Additional info click here.


  • Testosterone Deficiency Can Be Mistaken For Old Age Or Even Anemia    

    Symptoms Include Lack Of Energy, Erectile Dysfunction, Mouth Injuries, Tinnitus, Headaches, And Even Hair Loss    

    Testosterone deficiency is a condition that affects 38% of men over 45. It occurs when the testicles are not producing enough testosterone. It is caused by insufficient testosterone production by the testicles, which affects several body functions, such as libido, concentration, mood, and strength. Among the symptoms are tiredness and lack of energy, weight gain, low mood, lack of concentration, reduced strength and endurance, erectile dysfunction, and low sex drive. However, according to a new research, 70% of the cases could be mistaking testosterone deficiency for natural signs of aging. Another condition that can have similar symptoms as testosterone deficiency is anemia. Other signs of anemia are tiredness and lack of energy, noticeable heartbeats (heart palpitations), shortness of breath, and pale skin. there are also headache, tinnitus, food tasting strange, itchiness, and hair loss. There are also oral issues, such as difficulty swallowing, a sore tongue, and painful open sores in the corners of the mouth. Additional details click here.


  • Craniosacral Therapy For Tinnitus Treatment    

    It Can Also Be Used To Treat Anxiety, Insomnia, Headaches, And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome    

    There are professional activities that have greater exposure to loud noises, such as musicians, and DJs. This is how one of them dealt with this condition. In noise-induced hearing loss, the hair cells in the cochlea become damaged, the sensory information sensory sent to the brain is incomplete. Therefore, the ear tries to find the missing information – analogous to a phantom limb – which results in the communication of a ringing sensation back to the brain. This worsens when there is chronic stress, which prepares the body for a dangerous situation. Among the effects is a hypersensitivity of the nervous system, in which the brain amplifies the nervous impulses that come through the senses, including the tinnitus noise. Craniosacral therapy looks for any tensions, imbalances, restrictions or disturbances, calming the central nervous system, which is directly linked to the cranial nerves of the ears and reducing the chronic stress, resulting in the decrease of tinnitus symptoms. It can be used also to treat anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and chronic fatigue syndrome, among others. Additional info click here.


  • Sudden Hearing Loss Related To Developing Mental Conditions    

    It Can Lead To Anxiety And Depression    

    Sudden loss of hearing, also known as idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss is an uncommon condition, which consists of an inexplicable hearing loss that occurs over a period of 72 hours. According to studies, this condition could increase the risk of developing mental health issues. It can lead to mood disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Patients were much more likely to develop either depression or anxiety over the course of the study but were far less likely to develop bipolar disorder. Click here for more info.


  • Learning To Choose A Hearing Aid    

    Actual Devices Are Smaller And Can Have Functions For Background Noise Reduction    

    A hearing aid can help relieve the consequences of hearing loss, especially when it is age-related, which appears gradually, and affects the quality of living of the person, and its ability to communicate. However, there is a wide variety of hearing aids, and it can be difficult to select one without the help of a specialist. The actual devices are not bulky but hide behind the ear. They have also digital internal electronics, which sets the difference in operation, and price, allowing clear conversations. Also, modern hearing aids can interface with smartphones via Bluetooth, allowing them to get access to more functions, and listening to streaming devices, such as TVs, radio, or portable players. It may also have directional microphones to orient the conversation to the person in front of the user. More details click here.


  • A Burning Sensation In The Tongue And He Lips Can Be Caused By The Burning Mouth Syndrome    

    Other Symptoms Are IBS, Back Pain, Headaches, Panic Attacks And Ringing In The Ears    

    There is a health condition, called burning mouth syndrome (BMS), which is usually more common in post-menopausal women. Its symptoms are burning on the tip, sides, and top of the tongue, roof of the mouth, and the inside surface of the lips, and an altered sensation of taste. It is caused by an abnormal behavior of some nerve fibers, which transmit pain without any reason. This can be triggered by menopause, mental conditions, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders, and stress and anxiety. Other symptoms are a headache, shoulder pain, back pain, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), panic attacks, palpitations and ringing in the ears, among others. It can be treated with anti-anxiety medications and preventing the use of mouthwash and the ingestion of acidic foods. More Information click here.


  • Smoking During Pregnancy Can Result In Children With Hearing Problems    

    Second-Hand Smoke Can Also Affect The Babies’ Hearing    

    According to a study, children who had exposition to cigarettes during the first four months of their lives, increase the risk of suffering hearing impairment 2.4 times. Also, children exposed to second-hand smoke as newborns increase the risk of deafness by 30% percent, and women who smoked while expecting have a 26% to have children with hearing difficulties. Other studies suggest that nicotine affects chemical messengers in the nerve that informs the brain what sound it is hearing. Other hazards of smoking or being exposed to second-hand smoke while expecting to include more complications in pregnancy and birth, premature or underweight babies, among others. More details click here.


  • Concussion Can Cause Hearing Problems, Sensitivity To Sound, And Tinnitus    

    It Can Also Lead To Mood Changes, Amnesia, And Sensibility To Light    

    There are various symptoms of a concussion, such as confusion, dilated pupils, or dizziness These are caused by a traumatic brain injury, which generally happens after a blow to the head. Some people may even lose consciousness. There are additional consequences of a concussion. Some of them can be a change in the mood, such as irritability, anger, feelings of depression, or anxiety. There is also sensitivity to light and amnesia. In addition, hearing can be compromised. There might be sensitivity to noise, balance issues, or even tinnitus, which can be caused by damage to the inner ear, or to the brain area responsible for hearing. In the case the concussion has left the person unconscious, there is a risk of amnesia. Check all the consequences of concussion. More info click here.


  • One Side Effect Of Chemotherapy Can Be Hearing Loss    

    A Research Showed A Substantial Percentage Of Patients Suffering From Hearing Loss 20 Years After The Treatment    

    Chemotherapy treatments usually include drugs that lead to hair loss. However, in some cases, it can also result in hearing loss. A study on a test group revealed that after more than 20 years following the treatment, 90% of them had hearing loss. It has been known that some medications affect hearing. The cause is not clear because baseline hearing tests are not common for chemotherapy treatment. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the impact of the drug on hearing. Click here for more information.


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