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Vitamin B12 Deficiency Can Result In Permanent Damage If Left Untreated

Symptoms Include Headaches, Tinnitus, Depression, And Oral Health Issues

Vitamin B12 helps to keep the nervous system and blood cells healthy. However, its deficiency may result in severe health conditions, such as anemia, which can be common among vegetarians and vegans. Among the symptoms are extreme fatigue, headache, tinnitus, and lack of appetite. Additional symptoms include oral health issues, such as sore and red tongue, and mouth ulcers, and also mental issues, such as mood changes, depression, or psychosis. This condition can be extremely dangerous because, if untreated, it can become irreversible. It must be treated as soon as possible - the longer the condition goes untreated increases the risk of permanent damage. Additional info click here.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Affects Certain Frequencies, Preventing The Understanding Of Words

It Can Be Avoided Wearing Earplugs That Lower The Volume

Noise-related hearing loss is caused when the small hair cells inside the inner ear are affected and unable to covert the sounds into electrical signals to be recognized by the brain. These hair cells are tuned for certain frequencies. Therefore, this condition prevents hearing the frequencies matching to the damaged cells. Usually, the higher frequencies are affected, which also correspond to the consonants, making the process of understanding a conversation more difficult, hearing the speech without being able to determine the words. Also, excess noise can vary the threshold in a person’s hearing which is the lowest decibel level at which a person can hear a specific frequency. These can be temporary or permanent, as in the case when there is gunfire or an explosion, where there is a temporary hearing loss. Another consequence may be the appearance of tinnitus, which is a ringing in the ears or other sounds, such as a hissing or clicking, which are not in the environment. One way to prevent it is by wearing hearing protection, which consists of earplug that will lower the volume. Click here for more details.

Study: Potassium In Bananas Can Help Prevent Hearing Loss

Also, Zinc And Magnesium Are Fundamental For Preserving The Hearing Function

According to specialists, bananas can help prevent hearing loss. This is due to the potassium, which helps in the correct functioning of the inner ear, and the transmission of signals to the brain. There are other vitamins and minerals important for preventing hearing loss. Researchers have found that eh inner ear has the highest concentration of zinc in all the body, and its deficiency can result in tinnitus. Magnesium protects the ears against noise-induced hearing loss, which results from operating machinery without protection or listening to loud music. Click here for more info.

Using Cotton Swabs To Clean The Ear Canal From Earwax Can Be Very Dangerous

Earwax Is A Self-Cleaning Agent And Its Excess Gets Cleaned While Taking A Shower

Many people use cotton swabs, also called Q-Tips, for cleaning their ears. However, this is a very bad idea. Instead of cleaning the wax from the ear canal, the swabs push the wax deeper into the ear, increasing the risk of eardrum damage. Also, the eardrum can get perforated if there is an accidental move. In fact, the earwax is a self-cleaning agent that moisturizes and the ear canal and protects the eardrum from bacteria and dirt. The excess earwax gets cleaned while taking a shower. Additional details click here.

A Sore Throat Can Also Affect The Ears Causing Headache And Even Hearing Loss

Among The Causes Are A Bacterial Infection, Tonsillitis Sinusitis, And Even Tooth Infection

A sore throat can also cause ear pain because the nerves in the back of the throat are located near the nerves from the ear, the throat pain often radiates to one or both ears. Also, the ears communicate with the throat via the Eustachian tube, which can transmit bacteria or swell, increasing the pressure of the ear. the infection can originate in the ear, in the form of otitis media, or even in the ear canal, which can become moist, promoting the growth of bacteria. Symptoms are a sore throat, headache, earache, and hearing loss. Other conditions to throat inflammation are related to the tonsils and bacterial infections. The sinuses an also affect the throat and ears, due to sinusitis and allergies. Additional causes are related to oral health in the form of a tooth abscess, which is a pocket of pus grows at the root’s tip of the tooth, causing a severe pain that radiates to the jawbone and ear. Check all the causes of a sore throat and how it can affect the ears. Click here for more details.

Leg And Foot Cramps At Night Might Be Related To Sleep Apnea And Low Oxygen Levels

Other Studies Suggest Lack Of Magnesium And Vitamin B, Along With Stretching

Some people experience leg and foot cramps at night, which wakes them up in a painful way. However, doctors don’t have a clear idea of the causes. One research showed that stretching at night showed a decrease in the frequency of cramps. Others had positive results with magnesium and vitamin B supplements. However, specialists found out that patients with sleep apnea who begun a treatment with CPAP machines reported that they had no more cramps. Even though the evidence is weak, cramps could be related to low oxygen levels in the blood. Click here for more details.

This Software Evaluates And Personalizes The User’s Hearing Ability

It Compensates The Frequencies Difficult To Hear

There is an app that analyzes the user’s personal hearing ability and personalizes the sound to compensate it. This is not only oriented to people with gradual hearing loss, but to any person that is unaware that they have a slight hearing loss, which does not interfere with his daily activities nor his communication with other persons. This is great news, considering that 2.5% of the people suffer from untreated hearing loss, and one-third of them are under 35 years. The app first evaluates the frequency perception level of the user. This means, which frequencies are best and are worst heard, similar to an audiologist exam. This personalizes the software for the user. Also, the app can be integrated into several audio platforms. More info click here.

One Night Of Poor Sleep May Increase The Risk Of Dementia And Alzheimer’s

The Person Will Feel Tired Next Day, But The Worst Effect Is On The Brain

A study has found out that disrupted sleeping may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s. Researchers in a sleep lab interrupted the sleep of volunteers with sound or lights. These group showed an increase in proteins related to dementia the day after. The same disrupted sleep occurs with sleep apnea. One night of interrupted sleep may result in tiredness the day after, but the worst effect may be on the brain. Click here for more info.

Low Blood Pressure May Cause Fainting, Lightheadedness, And Dizziness

It Lowers The Oxygen Supply To The Brain

Low blood pressure is not as dangerous as high blood pressure, but it must be treated. This occurs when the blood pressure is lower than normal, 90/60 mmHg or less. Among the symptoms are lightheadedness and dizziness, especially when standing up, which is also called postural hypotension, and also fainting, because low pressure might lead to a deficient supply of oxygen to the brain. Other symptoms are feeling sick, having a blurred vision, and confusion. Additional information click here.

Hormones Make Women More Prone To Sleep Disorders Than Men

This Can Happen In Menstruation, And Also In Menopause

Sleep disorders, such as insomnia and sleep apnea, are more common in women than in men. This is because of hormone fluctuation. One of the cases in menstruation, in which progesterone levels decrease, making sleep difficult. Also, in pregnancy, the pressure originated by the baby on the internal organs can lead to acid reflux and snore. In menopause, there is a higher risk of developing sleep apnea, but there are other sleep disorders as well, such as spending less time in rapid eye movement (REM), which makes them feel less rested when they wake up. More Information click here.